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National Harbor Personal Injury Lawyers At The Firm, LLC

A sudden injury can have both a physically and mentally devastating effect on a person and their loved ones.

The Firm, LLC passionately represents individuals who have been injured due to the intentional wrongdoing or negligence or of another person or a business.

The dedicated National Harbor personal injury lawyers at The Firm, LLC offer personalized service to Maryland residents who find themselves harmed as a result of a slip and fall incident, a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, or any other injury caused by another’s negligence.

The Firm also compassionately serves clients whose loved ones have been killed due to a negligent act

You Can Pursue Compensation Through A Personal Injury Claim With Expert Help From The Firm

Maryland law permits the victims of injuries caused by the negligence of another person or a corporate entity to seek out monetary compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial injury they have suffered. An injured person who is seeking compensation in National Harbor, Maryland can file a negligence claim with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Negligence occurs when a person or a business fails to put forth the same level of care that a reasonable person or business would exercise in the same or a very similar situation. In order to be able to recover in a personal injury lawsuit, the injured individual must be able to prove to the court that the defendant did legally owe them a certain duty of care. They must prove that the defendant did breach that duty of care, and they must prove that the breach of care the defendant committed resulted in an injury to the plaintiff that would be foreseeable to any reasonable person. Lastly, it must be proven that the victim did suffer damages as a result of their injury.

The owner of a shopping outlet owes a certain legal duty of care to all of the customers who enter it. A professional truck driver has a legal duty to obey any and all federal trucking laws any time that he or she is driving their commercial vehicle. A doctor must follow whatever may be the prevailing standard of professional care in their area of specialty during the time that they are treating a patient. If any of these individuals or businesses fail to meet those standards of care that are required from them, they may be held liable for any injuries that result from that failure.

The smartest move any injured victim of a negligent act in Maryland can make is to immediately hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for his or her damages. These recoverable damages can include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, and any other type of loss that they can prove they have endured. Each state allows a certain amount of time within which an injured person can file a negligence lawsuit. This legal limit is called the statute of limitations. If the accident victim fails to file their legal claim before the statute of limitations is up, that individual will be permanently barred from recovering any damages for that injury. Some types of negligence claims may have additional time limits that require the prompt expertise of a Maryland personal injury attorney.

Unlike most states, Maryland adheres to the contributory negligence rule when assessing damages in a personal injury case. This means that if the defendant can prove that you were even partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you will not be permitted to recover for those injuries. It is absolutely paramount that you invest in an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight against the defendant’s assertions that your own negligence contributed to your injuries in any way in your National Harbor case.

Wrongful death is what occurs when a person dies as the result of the negligence of another person or a business. In Maryland, the family members of the person whose life was lost to negligence are entitled to recover damages for their loss. Those damages can include loss of financial support and also the guidance that the family members will no longer be able to receive from the deceased individual. In Maryland, a wrongful death case must be filed within three years.

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The Firm, LLC Provides Compassionate Representation In Family Law Matters

Family law is the body of law that directs issues within various familial relationships including divorce, child support, custody, adoption, parental rights, and establishing or disestablishing paternity. During a stressful family event like a custody battle or a divorce, tensions can run high and people are not always able to be depended upon to act rationally. It is very important to involve an experienced family law attorney in your National Harbor, MD case in order to protect your legal rights and offer respectfully logical advice.

The Firm’s expertise lies in child custody disputes, divorce, paternity issues, parental rights, spousal support, and any other legal issue that can arise between spouses or family members. Family law can be extremely delicate, as it often requires the sharing of very intimate details about finances and personal relationships. It is imperative to hire a Maryland family law lawyer you can trust with your most sensitive information. The attorneys at The Firm, LLC are experienced in representing clients in family law matters with the utmost respect given to their dignity and privacy.

Once a court order has been issued in a family law case, it can be extremely difficult to change what has been ordered on your own. Bringing an experienced attorney onto the case can help you prevent being subjected to long-term unfair agreements. It is important to protect your rights, especially when it comes to the issues that will directly impact your relationship with your children and other loved ones.

A highly qualified family law attorney in National Harbor, MD can help you fight for a fair and balanced visitation arrangement or ask the judge to modify an existing court order. Whether you have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one due to negligence, or are suffering through family turbulence, the attorneys at The Firm, LLC are experienced Maryland personal injury and family attorneys who are on your side.

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