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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials For The Firm L.L.C.

“Mr. Barrett was an excellent lawyer. He understood the laws and came prepared for the case. What made him stand out is his understanding of people. He did play dirty and did his job effectively. I was able to get shared custody of my daughter I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing. Thank you, Mike, for all of your hard work. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”


“Attorney Barrett is trustworthy and always available for any questions. He helped me with my divorce case and did a great job explaining every step of the process. I always recommend him to family and friends.”

Vivian F.

“Attorney Barrett is a very caring and trustworthy person and I would recommend him to family and friends.”

Gwen J.


Medhanit A.


Dama B.

“From the first call to Mike Barrett to today, I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and results of this attorney. He handled my case in a manner that was completely in line with my expectations and was always accessible to answer any questions that I had. I would comfortably recommend him to family and friends.”


“My lawyer all around did their part and went beyond to assure that I win my case. He took the case extremely serious and wanted nothing but the best outcome by all means. He knew exactly what to do and how to go about the situation at hand and was thorough with everything concerning the case and any information I had no knowledge of. Job well done, very pleased!”


“He’s the best Attorney. Amazing.”

Princess D.

“I was treated as if I were a relative! Respect and honesty and choosing this law firm was my best decision! I would HIGHLY recommend and I have highly recommended him!”

Leslie R.

“Mike was very professional and respectful and also made me feel comfortable with my decision on choosing him. It was a great experience and I would definitely use Mike if needed in the future!”

Damion P.

“Yes, we were very comfortable and trusted Attorney Barrett. He treated us with the highest level of respect and caring which was important to us. Attorney Barrett was very caring about our case as well as how the outcome would affect us. I would highly recommend Attorney Barrett to family and friends.”

Gwen J.

“Yes, Indeed Great service. The Best Great Attorney.”

Robert G.

“My attorney was extremely respectful. He kept me up to speed during each step of the process. If I had questions, they were answered promptly. I would definitely recommend my attorney to any family member/friend needing representation.”

Danyoi B.

“Michael treated me with much kindness and respect. He responded very quickly to my emails and phone calls. I knew that choosing Michael was a good decision because he made me feel like I was his only client. I would tell my friends and family that my experience being represented by this attorney was filled with not only good sound legal advice but much compassion.”

Fronia W.


Cecelia M.

“Good attorney, knows the law.”

James B.

“Mike was committed a 100% to my case from day one. I could not have asked for better services and a more responsive attorney. From the moment I first called until my case was over, I was at ease with choice. Mike makes his clients feel valued and is very engaged and in tune with his clients’ needs. His committed to his cases and very knowledgeable and easy to work and communicate with. I was very pleased with the final outcome of case and I appreciated an attorney who supported me through a very difficult time.”

Josephine B.

“I feel so blessed to have found a lawyer with a heart rather than someone just out for the money. Divorce is never easy however the counsel that I received from Michael made my divorce simple. While I know he has several clients, he showed compassion and made me feel as if I were the only one. Michael goes beyond the call of duty when answering emails and phone calls with quick responses. I highly recommend this firm.”

Fronia W.

“Mr. Barrett is unlike any other attorney I have EVER consulted with! After speaking with Mr. Barrett & giving him a great amount of info. with respect to my very intense & dangerous separation/divorce situation, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace & new that I was going to be ok & that there was a solution to my current issue. Mr. Barret was extremely supportive, atentative, and very concerned with my situation! I was especially fond of the fact that Mr. Barrett’s motto is “I DON’T HAVE CLIENTS, I LIKE TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS”!! That statement ALONE gave me HOPE during this extremely stressful time of my and my two children’s life!! Mr. Barrett was and is very professional, kind, sincere, in EVERYTHING that he did for me, and I would and will recommend Mr. Barrett, to anyone who can use his expertise during a trying, stressful time in their lives.
Respectfully, and Sincerely, JP”

A Satisfied Client

“Mike was very informative and patient with me and my case. He would ALWAYS answer my calls and return missed calls. Most importantly he educated me on process and gave a very honest opinion of things, wish I would have listened to more of his advice…lol. But overall I was very pleased with the outcome of my case!!! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone whose is looking for an honest and hardworking lawyer!!!”


“Mr. Barrett was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He explained the process in detail and answered all of my questions. After speaking with him, I feel at ease and comfortable that I am heading in the right direction.”

A Satisfied Client

“Michael was very informative and helping me make the best decisions for my case. Always answered and return my calls. Most importantly he educated me on process and gave a very honest opinion of things.”


“Michael was my attorney for my divorce and was excellent. He explained everything before, during and after. There was some areas I wish I would have listened to his advice. Great choice if you’re looking for an attorney who is not all about his payment and about getting justice for you in your situation, look no further.”


“Mr. Barrett just give the information I was looking for, even when I did not know how to ask the correct question, he knew how to make me understand my needs. I recommend him for everyone who need a lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“I am going to say that he is knowledgeable, full of integrity and quick to respond to your inquiries! I could not have made a better decision when I chose Mr. Barrett to represent my case. I would definitely recommend him to you with a million stars if they were available. He represented my case with pure professionalism and I will definitely use his services again should the need arise.”


“Excellent Attorney. Very helpful and knowledge. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. Wonderful demeanor. Pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”


“Michael Barrett is a great lawyer because he responds quickly to questions from both clients and potential clients. He in available via phone, text and e-mail. He works for a flat fee and always sets the expectation of how much will his services cost and what are you getting for what you pay. He does not charge per hour which is a great advantage since being afraid of contacting your own lawyer because of the fees really sucks. He does a fantastic job at reasonable prices.”

A Satisfied Client

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