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The Firm, LLC has been providing legal assistance for family law and personal injury in the state of Maryland since 2003. We help many families deal with the heart ache of divorce and child custody disputes: we help clients deal with loss of income, transportation, and life activities due to being injured in a car crash.

If you have a divorce matter, custody matter, child support issue, domestic violence case, or you have suffered injuries due to someone’s careless behavior and wish to discuss with an experienced attorney, contact us.

The Firm is a general litigation practice with years of experience: we are ready to help you deal with your case.We urge you to call and tell us about your situation and help us commence a plan of action to resolve your problem. We work with trained litigators in different locations and will try to find a location that works for you.

The Firm cannot guarantee results: no one should guarantee the outcome of any case.However, we put our client’s best interest first and will give you advice, based on years of experience dealing with clients in the same or similar situation as yours.

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