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Does Having An Attorney Involved Make Insurance Companies View A Case Differently?

When an attorney is involved in a personal injury case, the insurance companies take a different procedure than the one they would take if you are not represented by Counsel. When insurance companies know an attorney is involved, the insurance company will not just try to quickly settle the claim for the lowest amount possible. They will know that there are certain procedures that are taken and they will have to wait until medical treatment is completed before an offer is made.

Which Providers Are Entitled To Recoup Once A Resolution Is Achieved In The Case?

Everyone who has treated the client is entitled to reimbursement. Some are settled contractually through the state or federal government, however, entities like Medicare and Medicaid may seek reimbursement. Property damage is totally separate and does not normally require litigation. Sometimes, there is a state-funded company or organization that provides coverage for a person’s medical exams or for prescriptions, and they will also have to be repaid. All providers will seek reimbursement unless they are able to write off the Medicare cost for hardship reasons.

Does The Threat Of Going To Trial Ensure The Likelihood Of Receiving A Larger Settlement?

If the damage is high, or if there is not a lot of coverage, the insurance company will most likely pay out the claim and settle it, rather than going to trial. Big-damage cases have a higher rate of settlement than less substantial cases, mostly because it is hard to argue that you have treated excessively when you have a very severe injury. Therefore, it is not the “threat” of trial that settles the case as much as it is the severity of the injury and no liability dispute that dictates the likelihood of settlement.

Ho Do An Attorney’s Trial And Negotiation Skills Impact A Personal Injury Case?

You may see an increase in the settlement offer based on an attorney’s skills, but insurance companies really only look at whether there is an attorney involved or not and the severity of the injury. Although there is empirical evidence that shows vehicle damage does not correlate to bodily injury, insurance companies use heavily damaged vehicles as a settlement indicator. They have a certain algorithm they run to come up with a top dollar amount that they are willing to offer as a settlement, and that is the main factor. Regardless of an attorney’s skills, some cases may settle and some won’t. The wait may take a year or more but filing suit might be the only resolution at times. Once the suit is filed, an attorney’s experience plays a greater factor. Other factors that will impact the case, is where the case is filed, and the client’s likeability and credibility at deposition and/or trial.

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