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If you have hired Counsel for your divorce and/or custody case and he/she is nonresponsive, it may be extremely frustrating.

There is an appropriate response time and what leads to client’s discomfort with many attorneys are those that are missing in action for long periods of time.

Now…client’s should be aware that billable cases mean each time you contact the attorney and/or the office or the attorney and the attorney Emails, text, or calls back means it may mean you will be billed…so as a client you should only contact Counsel if the matter is one that is essential to your divorce and/or child custody case.

Keep informed and keep your attorney informed about your family law matter but keep your bill from getting out of control also by saturating your bill with frequent calls, texts, and/or Emails.


a. Every attorney has an idea of what an adequate client response time is.

As a divorce client and a child custody or child support client, you need to have an agreed upon response time when you sign your family law retainer.

This may be your only divorce or child custody case, but the reality is that your attorney has other clients to attend to.

Notwithstanding, your case is just as important as all the other cases in the office; therefore, ensure you receive a return response within the agreed upon time limit.

b. Please be aware that your divorce and child custody attorney has a family of their own and they also need personal time.

Therefore, contacting divorce, child custody family law attorney after normal business hours should be limited.

Some attorneys have higher rates for unscheduled after hour calls. Limit these contacts.


a. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, you may be billed for contacting your attorney each time you place a call, send an email, and/or send a text message.

Therefore, to ensure your billable rates are allocated wisely…minimize the unnecessary contact. Litigation is costly enough without a divorce or child custody family law bill littered with numerous client contacts.

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