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How Common Are Accidents Involving Trucks Or Other Commercial Vehicles?

Truck accidents are common, but not as common as other accidents. About 4,000 people are killed each year due to trucking accidents. They are known for their fatality.

What Types Of Vehicles Are Typically Involved In Truck Accidents?

The specific size of the vehicles, meaning the weight and passenger carrying requirements for being considered a truck or commercial vehicle, are laid out by the Department of Transportation and the State Highway Administration.

Are These Types Of Vehicles Subject To Different Regulations And Law? If So, What Might They Be?

Trucking has its own laws and requirements. There are weight requirements, inspection requirements, maintenance requirements, specialized training, and specialized licensing. The drivers of trucks are held to a higher standard of care than an ordinary person driving a motor vehicle. Truck drivers are seen as professionals and they have to make sure that they have the proper training to drive those types of vehicles, because when those vehicles are involved in accidents, the level of fatality increases drastically.

What Are The Common Causes Of Accidents Involving These Larger Trucks?

Like other motor vehicles, truck accidents are caused by distracted drivers, speed, and especially sleep deprived driving. Sleep deprivation impairs your decision making and slows your response. Truck drivers are sometimes on the road for hours and hours without proper rest and that is a huge concern.

How Do Accidents Involving Trucks Differ From Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

When one vehicle is much smaller in weight than the other, those accidents tend to cause catastrophic injuries. The second thing that is different is the insurance liability coverage. It is much higher for most commercial vehicles. In Maryland, the minimum liability coverage is $30,000. For commercial vehicles, it is usually half a million to a million dollars in coverage. Part of the reason for that is the injuries are usually catastrophic, leading to death, when you are in a major accident with a truck.

What Are Some Of The Injuries Resulting From These Accidents?

A lot of truck accident injuries are serious and require surgery. We frequently see concussions, loss of limbs, and death. Death is much more common in trucking accidents than in other accidents.

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