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In the Event of an Accident – Car Crash


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This brief article will focus on the steps that should be taken in the event of an accident/car crash.

With the trauma involved in an automobile collision there may be steps taken that should not be taken or omissions made that may be crucial.
The following information, if not adhered to, may result in you claim being rejected by your carrier or other penalties that could result from not complying with the law.

The list below outlines measures that should be taken at the scene of an automobile collision and/or within 24 to 48 hours after your accident.

1. Please do not move your vehicle, if possible.

a. In a situation where further injury could occur it may be wise to pull to the side but if at all possible, you want the officer(s) who arrive to see the vehicles in the position they were in at the point of impact.
b. If you believe you are seriously injured, DO NOT leave your vehicle as you may cause further injury to yourself.

2. Call the police.

a. Get on your cell phone right away and call an officer to come to the scene; especially during rush hour, as it may take a police officer(s) longer to arrive to the scene of the car accident. Also, if there are injuries an ambulance will be necessary, so dial 9-1-1 immediately.

3. Check the immediate scene for potential witnesses/take photographs.

a. More often than not, an officer may not have witnessed the accident take place first hand; therefore IF you are able to safely exit the vehicle, it would be prudent to get the name(s) and phone number(s) of those who may have witnessed the collision, or request the witness(es) to remain on/at the scene until the officer(s) arrive to get their information. This will give you a better chance of the witness(es) being included in the police report and insurance companies usually contact witness(es) listed to make a liability determination i.e. deciding who was responsible for the car accident.
b. If you have a camera handy on your cell phone or other camera(s) in your automobile, take pictures of the damage to the vehicles and the position of the vehicles; especially if you have to move your vehicle before the officer(s) arrives.

4. Do not make statements of admissions to the other party.

a. It is okay to see if the other party is injured, but never make statements admitting liability at the scene. That determination should be made by a court of law, insurance companies, or the officer(s) if there is enough information when the police officer(s) arrive on/at the scene of the car accident to make such a determination.

5. Write down all pertinent information about the other driver.

a. This will include, car color, make, model, tag number, name of driver, address, driver’s license information, driver’s/owner’s automobile insurance information. An officer may take this information from the drivers and exchange them but you may begin taking this information until the officer arrives.
b. The officer may file a report (not always the case); if so you should be given the information to obtain a copy of the accident report once it is completed by the precinct.

6. Call your insurance company the same day (if possible).

a. Regardless of fault, you should report ALL automobile accidents to your auto insurance provider right away. Once you give your statement, a claim number will be generated and you can use this number to check status on your claim in the future. Your provider should tell you what documents to fill out if injured (ie PIP, Medpay), and the steps that need to be taken to get your vehicle repaired or declared a total loss if it is determined that the damages are too severe to fix.

7. Seek the advice of an attorney

a. If you anticipate filing a civil claim for damages/injuries, or face trial for traffic violation, you may want to contact an attorney as soon as possible.
b. The adverse party’s insurance company may contact you for a statement; it may be wise to contact an attorney before giving this statement. These statements are normally recorded and may be utilized in the future in a court of law.

8. Seek precautionary medical attention (if there is a chance of injury)

a. Injuries may not always surface immediately after the accident takes place. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor and/or hospital if there is a chance you suffered an injury.

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