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If you are involved in a crash, and there has been a determination that the other driver is responsible, you may require treatment.

Part of what clients are paid for in a settlement, or awarded for by a jury is what we call “pain and suffering”.


a. Pain and suffering compensation is exactly what it sounds like…insurance companies, judges, and juries consider how much pain you were in and how much you suffered as a result of the incident that caused your injuries.

As such, they not only provide money for your lost wages, money for your out of pocket expenses you paid for medicine, and money for any treatment you incurred, but they also provide an amount for pain and suffering caused by the carelessness of the other person.

There is no bright line rule on how much is provided for pain and suffering; however the more injured one is the more they may be offered.

For instance, injuries resulting in surgeries, facial disfigurements, and/or loss of limb(s)/life are usually worth far more for pain and suffering than injuries that require a few days off from work and an over-the-counter pain medication.


a. There will also be a consideration of how your daily activities may have been limited due to the injuries you sustained.

This may be limitations at work, limitations to your normal exercise routine, limitations in intimacy, limitations with household chores, limitations with taking care of one’s child(ren), limitations with driving, etc.

It is important that you explain to your attorney the extent to which your daily activities were limited, or had to be stopped all together due to your injuries and recovery.


a. Treatment inconvenience is also considered when it is time to compensate someone for injuries.

The biggest inconvenience is usually treatment related. Time must be taken to attend therapy for weeks or months.

There may also be other inconveniences above and beyond the limitations discussed above.

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