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What You Need To Know About Vehicle Damage


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If you are involved in a crash and there has been a determination that the other driver is responsible, one of the first priorities is repairing your vehicle; assuming your vehicle can be repaired.

There are times when the vehicle damage is too extensive and the vehicle is declared a total loss.


a. Deductible: Even though you may not be at fault for the crash, you may still have to pay a deductible if your insurance carrier fixes your vehicle damage.

This is usually done when the other driver’s insurance carrier has not interviewed their insured, or if it is faster and more convenient to have your insurance carrier take over the repairs. If the facts prove that you were not responsible for the crash, you should be reimbursed your deductible.

b. Diminished Value Claim: Even if your car is repaired and back to pre-crash driving condition, you may be able to make a diminished value claim; depending (of course) on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Older vehicles may not qualify for a diminished value claim because they were worth much less to begin with. The idea behind the diminished value claim is that your car value has now declined because of the accident…cars that have been in collisions are normally worth less than ones that have no accidents on their reports.


a. Fair Market Value: You should be given a check to replace your vehicle if it is determined that your vehicle damage is too extensive and therefore beyond repair.

You should be provided payment for the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the crash.

b. Gap Insurance: There are times when you may owe more than your vehicle is worth.

The payment provided is for the value of your car; not what you owe. It is always advisable to pay for gap insurance at the time you finance a car to avoid a situation where you owe money on a car that is totaled.

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