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Personal Injury Fees

In general there are no upfront costs or fees associated with personal injury cases.

Personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingency fee basis in lieu of billable hours. Under certain circumstances, a lawyer may take a personal injury case on a fixed fee and contingency percentage combination, or take a fixed fee and waive the contingency but these are exceptions to the rule. As explained, most personal injury cases are straight contingency based.

A personal injury contingency fee is a percentage taken from the total personal injury recovery which compensates the lawyer for his/her work. There may be times when the firm requests contribution to costs but these are not considered attorney’s fees in your Maryland personal injury case.

A Maryland personal injury client may incur costs for experts, medical records, court filing fees, deposition transcripts, and other related fees incurred by a Maryland personal injury lawyer associated with litigating the client’s Maryland personal injury case.

A Maryland personal injury law Firm may advance all your fees and at your Maryland personal injury court settlement or personal injury civil trial verdict, the client would reimburse the lawyer for the cost(s) advanced from the amount recovered/awarded.

How do Maryland personal injury lawyers get paid?

The answer is Maryland personal injury lawyers are paid a percentage of what the lawyer recovers (through settlement or trial) for their injured client.

If there is no recovery for the client, then the lawyer would not get paid a fee. As such, lawyers retain personal injury clients that have a decent possibility of recovery. Once the client has completed treatment, most lawyers will attempt settlement and if the personal injury case does not settle, decide whether to file a lawsuit in the county where the defendant lives or where the injury occurred.

A personal injury client should focus on getting well and keeping notes on places where the client has treated, out of pocket expenses, and time missed from work. A weekly log of how the client feels while undergoing the healing process may also be helpful for settlement and/or at trial.

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