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What Steps Should Someone Take To File An Auto Accident Claim?

Getting Help from an Auto Accident Attorney in Oxon Hill, MD

Before filing an auto accident claim, it is helpful if you gather evidence or statements from people who witnessed the accident. This will allow you to give all this information to your Auto accident lawyer in Maryland later on. The police are not usually at the scene when the crash occurs, so they can’t testify as to what exactly happened. I always advise people to avoid moving the cars, because the way in which the vehicles are positioned after the accident is part of the evidence. If there is any doubt that you are injured, I suggest that you see a doctor right away. It is common for clients to feel fine initially and then later develop symptoms or pain. If that is your situation, it is important for your health, and for litigation purposes that you are seen right away.

You should take notes on a daily or weekly basis in order to document how you feel and what type of treatment you are receiving. Although that information will be in your medical record, having real-time notes to review (or testify from) months later can be powerful. You could sit on the stand and say, “My lawyer told me to take notes, so I did and I’ll read it and tell you how I was feeling.” That’s credible evidence for a judge or a jury. You can use this information to update your Oxon Hill, MD auto accident attorney later on.

Should I Notify My Insurance Company About The Accident?

Some people believe that if they were not at fault for an accident, then there is no reason for them to report it to their insurance company. However, an accident should always be reported, not just because there are time limits for doing so, but also because the other person may deny any wrongdoing. If they deny fault, then there will be a fault dispute. Also, the other person may be uninsured, so you may have to go through your carrier and pay your uninsured motorist deductible in order to get your car fixed.

You should always report an accident to you carrier and to the other person’s carrier. It’s better to have your lawyer call the other person’s insurance company so that the representatives don’t ask you any questions about your injuries. If you don’t have an attorney, then you should call and open a claim. If the representative begins asking you questions about how you feel, I would suggest that you avoid providing that information. In order to protect your rights, get in touch with a Prince George’s County auto accident lawyer as soon as you are able to.

What Defenses Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Claims?

The insurance companies will try to use delays and gaps in treatment to avoid paying on claims. They will consider how long it took for a person to initially seek treatment and how consistently they received treatment. However, there are reasons that a person may have delays in treatment, such as a death in the family. Additionally, clients really have no control over the billing aspect of their treatment. Sometimes insurance companies believe there are certain modalities that are billed well above what is customary in the area, so they’ll try to reduce the bill. For instance, on your bill there may be a charge $50 for a procedure when the carrier believes it should be $25 or $30, the client has nothing to do with billing disputes, but clients have more control of the delay and gaps in treatment.

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