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WITNESSES (personal injury car accidents)

As mentioned in previous personal injury articles (but it is worth discussing here once more), a vital piece in personal injury car crash cases is the role of witness(es).

In most Maryland personal injury car crash cases, the officer is not at the scene of the car crash when the car accident occurs.

As such, most police incident reports are compiled by physical evidence at the scene and statements taken from personal injury car accident witness(es). If you are able to locate a witness who is at the scene of the personal injury car accident, ensure you get their information.

If an officer comes to the scene of the car crash, ensure the officer takes a statement from the witness. Witnesses may also be a driver or passenger in the automobile of the car involved in the car accident.

Although, these witnesses may not be deemed independent (due to the relationship they may have with others in the car), statements should be given by others in the car. It is vital that everyone who witnessed or were involved in the car crash provide statements.

Your automobile insurance carrier may also want to speak with the car accident witnesses as well.

If fault cannot be determined in a car crash, the tie breaker may be a credible and competent witness in your Maryland personal injury case.

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