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How Is My Attorney Compensated In A Personal Injury Settlement?

An attorney is compensated in a personal injury settlement on a contingency basis, by receiving a percentage of the proceeds of the settlement. In our area, the attorney usually takes about one third (1/3) of the settlement. If a case goes to trial and the client wants to appeal, then the percentage that the attorney would take from the proceeds would be increased.

What Potential Factors Might Limit Or Minimize A Settlement In My Personal Injury Case?

The potential factors that might limit or minimize a settlement in a personal injury case include delays and gaps in treatment. Some people will delay seeking treatment because they cannot afford to seek treatment or because they did not initially notice/experience pain. It is ideal to seek treatment within 24 hours of an accident. If a person needs follow-up treatment, then it is important that they never miss an appointment. Insurance companies are keen on these issues, and if they see that there have been gaps in treatment, then it will negatively impact the offer they are willing to make.

How Can I Help My Attorney Achieve The Best Settlement Offer In My Personal Injury Claim?

A person can help their attorney achieve the best settlement offer by attending all of their medical appointments and following the treatment regimen. The end goal is for the client to get back to pre-collision status. It is also helpful for clients to make/write weekly notes on how they are feeling. This is important, because it can take months or even years before a trial is held, and being able to review that information will make for a stronger deposition and/or trial testimony. For example, if someone felt pain in their knee while climbing stairs, they might not remember that eight (8) months later when they are being questioned about their experience with the injury. Being able to refer to how one was feeling at a specific date and time make for a credible testimony…which is very important.

Additional Information On Personal Injury Settlements In Maryland

If possible, it is important that people ascertain the names and contact numbers from any witness(es) at the scene of an accident, call the police, and call their insurance carrier. If the other person is insured, then the injured party should call that person’s insurance carrier as well and report the claim—they don’t have to discuss their injury to report the claim and set up vehicle repairs. It is important to report the accident to the police and make the calls that need to be made because doing so will be helpful if there ends up being a dispute regarding liability. In some cases, we may end up relying upon witnesses or the testimony of an accident reconstruction expert to settle disputed liability.

Even if a person feels okay right after an accident, it may be wise to get checked out if there is significant impact. There are several urgent care centers in this area where people may be able to see a doctor much quicker than they would be going to a hospital emergency department. No one should ever say to the other driver that they feel “okay,” because that driver could end up using that statement against them if the condition worsens and pain is felt in the future.

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