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Why Should I Settle My Personal Injury Claim?

It is always preferable to settle a personal injury claim when there is a fair offer because doing so ensures a guaranteed settlement amount that is agreed upon by all parties. Alternatively, no one ever knows what a judge or jury will decide in any particular case, because there is no formula for determining the correct amount of compensation for injuries.

Is There A Minimum Personal Injury Settlement Amount In Maryland?

There is no minimum personal injury settlement amount in Maryland. All settlements are based on inconvenience, pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. For minor collision damage cases, consider settlement without an attorney if the injuries are not severe.

Does A Severe Injury Increase The Likelihood Of Getting A Larger Settlement Offer?

Having sustained a severe injury increases the likelihood of getting a larger settlement. However, everything is tied to coverage. An injured party can sue an at-fault party directly, but most people do not have a large sum of money in their bank account and or large assets, which means that the injured party would not be able to collect. This is why we always look for insurance and make sure that there is adequate coverage. A large judgment means nothing unless there is a way to actually collect the funds. Pending sufficient coverage, the severity of an injury is directly tied to the settlement amount.

Will All My Future Medical Costs Be Taken Into Account For The Settlement Amount?

Future medical costs will be taken into account for a settlement amount. If there are going to be future medical costs, then there will be a permanency issue because the injured party has not, and may not, fully recover in some cases.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement And How Could That Affect My Auto Accident Case?

Maximum medical improvement is reached when a person has undergone treatment and is discharged satisfactorily or reaches a point at which the prognosis is they will never be able to return to their previous level of function/activity. When an injury party does not totally recover, then there we declare the injury permanent. These types of cases are worth more because the injured person will be affected by the injuries for the rest of their life. These types of cases often go to trial, because it is difficult to put a dollar amount on the fact that someone will never be able to function the way they once did.

What Is An Independent Medical Examination As It Relates To A Personal Injury Case?

An independent medical examination (known as IME) occurs when a doctor who did not treat the injured party is appointed by the defense to examine the injured party and write their own report/evaluation. Plaintiff attorneys really don’t like using the term “independent” because it suggests that the examination is not biased, but we believe it is a defendant’s medical examination (DME). Insurance companies have access to lots of experts who will testify in a way that either lessens the severity of a plaintiff’s injuries or points to alternative sources of causation. If our expert is the only one on the stand, then the jury is more likely to believe what he or she says. Therefore, the defense utilizes the services of defense medical exams by their own doctors.

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