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What Are The Top Misconceptions People Have In Auto Accident Cases?

The biggest misconception about auto accident cases is that they have a higher value than they actually do. People will often believe that their case has a much higher value than either the insurance company will be willing to settle for, or that a judge may be willing to pay. Cases that involve serious accidents may result in a jury trial in the Circuit Court, but cases that do not involve a lot of damages will be filed in the district court: District Court cases are completed faster and do not require testimony from a doctor. Another misconception is the belief that a case will settle quickly. Sometimes clients will become impatient because in their mind, the settlement money has already been spent. They have to realize that their case is one among many that the insurance companies are handling, and that the process can take time.

What Is Comparative Negligence? How Can it Affect My Auto Injury Claim?

There is no comparative negligence in Maryland. Instead, we apply the principle of contributory negligence, which means that you have to be faultless in most cases. Regardless of whether or not the other person did something wrong, you have to be negligent-free; two careless people get nothing. However, comparative negligence is the law in most jurisdictions in the United States, and most states weigh the relative negligence of the parties involved. This is NOT the case in Maryland.

What Is PIP? How Does It Apply In An Auto Injury Claim in Maryland?

Personal injury protection (PIP) can be used regardless of who is at fault in an accident. If you’re injured, it will cover your lost wages and/or your hospital bills. For instance, if you go to a physical therapist and your bill is $2,300, the PIP would pay all of that and you would not have to reimburse the insurance company for payment. If you use your health insurance, there may be reimbursement required.

In most cases, you’ll have to wait until the case settles before you can get reimbursed for your lost wages, but if you have PIP, then you can get that money right away from your insurance carrier. It’s a beautiful thing to have on a policy, and it’s usually very inexpensive.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Bringing An Auto Accident Claim In Maryland?

The statute of limitations for bringing an auto accident claim in Maryland is three years from the date of the incident. We normally wait until the client has completed treatment before we try to settle the case, and if it doesn’t settle, then we’ll file a suit. If we are close to the statutory date and the client is still treating, then we’ll file anyway.

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