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How Long Does Someone Have To Pay Child Support For?

Hire A Child Support lawyer In Maryland

Child support lasts until a child turns 18 years old or if they are in still in high school until age 19. However, child support is not paid once a child turns 19 years old (if still in high school), except in the case of a child who is not self-supportive and who suffers from a condition that requires them to be taken care of into adulthood.

What Happens If The Parent Obligated To Pay Child Support Fails To Do So?

If the parent who is obligated to pay child support fails to do so, the recipient of the child support can file an order for contempt with the court. They can do that by contacting a Child support lawyer in Maryland.

What Are The Common Issues That You Deal With In Child Support Cases?

My most common issue I deal with when it comes to child support is filing a Petition and not knowing how to locate the other parent. The other common issue is actions for contempt for nonpayment. Third, I have many modification requests where the parent responsible for payment is no longer employed or is making substantially less. To discuss the issues you may be facing in a child support case, contact an Oxon Hill, MD child support attorney right away.

Additional Information On Child Support Cases In Maryland

Child support is not as complex as custody cases, but I would say that custody cases are more complex than a typical divorce case dealing with property and alimony. A lot of the factors involved in divorce cases are number-related, but it can be difficult for a court to determine what is in the best interest of a child during a custody case. There is no science to it, there are no numbers to it, it requires credible witnesses, and it takes an attorney who is in tune with the bench and their client. Wins and losses are very difficult to measure in custody cases, because it’s all about the best interests of the children. I always encourage clients to try to get these cases settled instead of letting the bench handle it.

If you don’t have parties who are reasonable, then these cases will go to trial and invariably, someone will leave disappointed. It’s always better to try to reach counsel on the other side or talk to the other party directly, if they’re not represented and come up with a resolution. It might not be exactly what you want or exactly what the other side wants, but it’s a good middle point. That’s my suggestion. It doesn’t always work, but I always try very hard to get it settled before going to a judge or a magistrate. Talk to an experienced Prince George’s County child support lawyer to discuss your case.

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