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What Can Someone Expect When They Call Your Office For A Personal Injury Case?

Callers to my firm can expect to have their questions answered, in detail, and they can expect to be correctly informed on how the litigation process works.

Will I Meet With You Before Deciding If I Want To Hire Your Firm?

Many of my injury clients have hectic schedules and they prefer telephone conference calls for convenience. However, I am always willing to set up an in person office meeting with any client who prefers one.

What Can I Expect In My First Meeting With Me In Your Office?

During our first meeting, you will be methodically walked through the injury process. All your questions will be answered to help ease frustration, confusion, and unrealistic expectations.

What Should I Bring With Me To My First Meeting With My Personal Injury Attorney?

Bring a copy of the police report to the first meeting, if you have one. You should also bring all medical records, bills, as well as your insurance information and the other person’s insurance information.

How Often Will I Hear From You Or Meet With You During My Case?

Unless a lawsuit is filed, we usually have one initial meeting, either in person or via telephone. Our final meeting will be at the conclusion of the case.

If a lawsuit is filed, we will have a pre-suit meeting or call to discuss the litigation process and what should be expected once the suit is filed.

Will Anyone Else Be Working On My Case If I Hire You?

Most of the work on your case will be completed by the lead attorney on that case. Paralegals may assist in compiling records and follow ups with insurance carriers and healthcare providers.

Do You Bill By The Hour Or Do You Charge A Flat Fee For Personal Injury Cases Or Do You Work On Contingency Percentage?

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means attorneys are not paid on an hourly basis; instead are compensated when the case settles or a verdict is rendered by judge or jury.

What Are Some Additional Legal Expenses That May Come Up During My Personal Injury Case?

There may be expenses for medical records and when expert(s) are hired. If these fees are advanced by the firm, they will be taken out of the settlement prior to the client being issued a payment. The attorney may also be responsible for paying certain medical bills before paying the client.

How Do You Keep Up To Date On Current And Changing Laws Related To Personal Injury Cases?

Attorneys take continuing legal education courses to keep abreast of legal and procedural changes. Many attorneys are also members of bar associations.

How Often Do You Appear At The Courthouse Where My Case Will Be Heard?

Cases are usually tried in the county where the incident takes place. The frequency of appearance therefore depends on the county where the particular case will be filed.

Are You Familiar With The Judges And Prosecutors In My Case?

In counties where I practice frequently, I am familiar with many of the judges. Of course, new judges are appointed to the bench all the time and attorneys may not have experience with new judges. Cases that are tried before juries are usually labeled as a conservative jury or more liberal jury, in terms of jury awards. Insurance defense attorneys are responsible for defending plaintiff personal injury lawsuits.

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