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What Factors Cause Personal Injury Cases To End Up In Litigation?

Unreasonable insurance company offers and unreasonable client expectations are the most common cause for litigation. Sometimes, the attorney may believe the offer is reasonable, but their client is looking for a lot more. If everyone is reasonable and willing to compromise, the case may settle.

What Can I Expect If My Case Does Go To Trial?

The first determination we make in Maryland is whether we are going to file the case in the district court or in circuit court. Circuit court only hears high-damage, catastrophic injury cases that require experts and depositions.

In cases where there is major bodily injury, we expect a request for the medical exam from a doctor chosen by the defense insurance company. They will look at the notes, do an examination, and (more likely than not) produce an alternate explanation for the injury.

How Does Going To Trial Affect The Overall Cost Of The Process As Well As A Settlement?

Once the suit is filed, most retainers request an increase in the attorney’s percentage of the settlement or award. Once the suit is filed, there can also be expert fees and deposition fees.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Settlement IS Reached In A Personal Injury Case?

The bigger the insurance company, the longer it can take to receive funds. Usually, the money will arrive within 30 days of a release being signed.

What Are Some Simple Tips For Potential Clients In Helping Them Get The Best Possible Outcome In Their Case?

First, follow any medical treatment protocol exactly. Do not skip appointments or stop them early. Secondly, do not talk about your case on social media or to third-parties. Both of these common mistakes can lead to the insurance company having grounds to question the legitimacy of your injuries.

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