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When Is a Guardian Ad Litem Used In A Custody Case?

Contact A Guardian And Litem In Maryland

In Maryland, a guardian ad litem is referred to as a best interest attorney (BIA). In most counties, you will have to pay in order for a BIA to be appointed to a case. All cases are fact-intensive. When a case involves children who are too young to have a say in the matter, a BIA may be appointed in order to hear the child’s voice. The child’s voice can only come from the child themselves or through a BIA. Contact a Guardian Ad Litem in Maryland by calling 800-400-2350.

What Can I Do To Improve My Chances Of Winning My Custody Case?

To improve your chances of winning your custody case, I would definitely advise against engaging in any type of social media conversations about the case. I would definitely advise against any type of parental alienation or denying access to the other parent, without having verifiable and reasonable grounds pertaining to the health or safety of the child. In family law cases, it comes down to being reasonable in the court. If everything is balanced, the decision will usually tip towards the parent who is the most reasonable. If you cannot decide what is best for you, contact us to talk to an Oxon Hill, MD Guardian Ad Litem at 800-400-2350 for a Free Consultation.

I inform my clients to make sure that they are providing financial support, even if they aren’t being afforded the time with the child that they would like. I would advise the parent who is paying child support to pay a certain amount every month and to pay it in a way that is traceable, rather than with cash. It helps to say, “Even though my client wasn’t getting the schedule he/she still paid child support.” It’s always better to do positive things and to shy away from negative behavior.

Under What Circumstances Can Someone Petition For A Custody Order To Be Modified?

A parent can petition for a custody order to be modified if there is relocation, or if one parent believes that the child’s grades, health or safety is being affected negatively. There has to be a material change of circumstance that affects the child’s best interest.

Why Should Someone Always Hire An Attorney For A Child Custody Case?

It is important to hire an attorney for a child custody case so that you have someone who is experienced and who has been in court many times. A lawyer who has tried and/or settled hundreds of cases is more experienced than someone who simply did some research on the internet before deciding to represent themselves. Now, it makes a difference if the other side doesn’t have a lawyer either, because then the playing field is more leveled. Even an experienced attorney can’t make things grey when they’re black-and-white, but it always helps in contentious cases to have an attorney who’s experienced.

Hiring an attorney will also provide a buffer, to prevent the client from having to directly question the other party. It is common for questions being asked directly from one parent to the other, snow balling into a shouting match in Court: not good!

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