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How Long Do Auto Accident Claims Generally Take To Get Resolved?

Most District Court cases are resolved within one year after the filing date, and most Circuit Court cases are resolved within a year to a year-and-a-half of the filing date.

Can Someone Handle an Auto Accident Claim On Their Own Without An Attorney?

The biggest misconception that people have is the belief that they can handle an auto accident claim on their own, and if they are unsuccessful, then they can hire an attorney afterwards. That approach does not work; you either do it yourself or you get a lawyer: In part, because attorneys can’t undo certain things that are said on recorded statements. Not every case is worthy of hiring an attorney. Attorneys take a percentage of what the case settles for, so there are certain cases that can, and perhaps, should be handled without an attorney. However, if a person believes that their case is substantial, then they should hire an attorney. It’s like medicine; if I have a headache, I’ll go ahead and treat myself, but if it’s something severe, then I need to go to the doctor.

How Long Does It Take To Recover Funds After A Settlement Is Reached In An Auto Injury Claim?

If the parties are in agreement, then it shouldn’t take an insurance carrier more than a month to send the funds. In typical circumstances, the check should arrive in the attorney’s office within one to two weeks following the receipt of the signed Release by the carrier. Settlements require that the client sign a Release.

What Are Some Tips For Clients To Mitigate Their Auto Accident Claims?

It is important for clients to avoid discussing their cases on social media. In fact, simply discussing activities that they do on a daily basis can end up damaging their case. If you’re still being treated and you’re not well enough to go to work and sit for three to four hours, but you publish on social media your skiing trip, your case may suffer damage. A client’s primary responsibility is to follow the treatment protocol; everything else will take care of itself.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Claims?

Many clients complain about a lack of contact from their attorneys. An attorney doesn’t have to speak with their client on a daily basis, but it is important to return phone calls, answer questions, and let clients know what they can expect in terms of a timeline and a value for their case (if possible). There is nothing that can destroy a relationship between a client and a lawyer more than setting up unrealistic expectations. We always follow up with our clients in a timely manner. We can’t control what settlement offers are made or what a judge will decide at the end of the day, but our goal is to establish good relationships with our clients and we set realistic expectations from the beginning. We have a high rate of referrals from former clients, as well as clients who return to us for future litigation.

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