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Should I Ever Tell My Insurance Company That An Accident Was My Fault?

After being involved in an auto wreck, you do NOT want to make statements of liability (fault); such a determination is a legal conclusion. Your duty/job is to give a statement to the best of your recollection as to how the crash took place. Let others (insurance carriers, judges, juries) determine fault.

Should I Tell The Other Driver’s Insurance Company About The Accident?

Yes. Both carriers (your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company) should be informed of the crash. I would not advise given a recorded statement to the other carrier without an attorney present (on the phone call). Even with an attorney on the call, I would not make statements pertaining to injuries. The way you feel (physically) right after the crash may change in the future, therefore providing recorded statements as to how you are doing is not prudent.

What If I Was Not Wearing A Seat Belt At The Time Of My Accident? Can I Still Recover Damages?

Yes. Wearing or not wearing a seatbelt does not excuse fault. Also, your injuries must be a proximate cause of your negligent/careless actions. Wearing a belt may be a factor when it comes to injuries but let that determination be made by an expert (if need be).

Can I Still Win My Case If My Memory Of The Accident Now Conflicts With Things I Might Have Said At The Time Of The Accident?

Yes, you may still win your case if memory your conflicts. The discrepancy need be explained thoroughly to avoid being viewed less credibly.

I Was Injured As A Passenger In A Car Accident. What Are My Rights To A Recovery?

If you are a passenger in a motor vehicle crash, unless you did something negligent inside the vehicle that caused the crash (i.e. grabbing the steering wheel), you are entitled to recovery for your injuries.

Can I File A Claim Against A Driver In An Injury Accident If I’m A Passenger?

Yes. You may file against the driver of the vehicle in which you were riding, if you were injured in the car crash.

Against Which Driver Do I File An Injury Claim?

The driver who is at fault is responsible for paying the claim. Both insurance carriers should be informed of the crash. A jury or judge may have to determine fault, if neither insurance carrier accepts liability/responsibility for the crash.

My Friend, The Driver, Didn’t Have Car Insurance. I Don’t Have Car Or Health Insurance Either. What Happens Now?

The driver of the vehicle bears the ultimate responsibility, in the event your friend is found to be at fault for the crash. If your friend has no assets and there is no insurance coverage for which you can collect, you may be “out of luck”.

My Brother Got Permission To Borrow His Friend’s Car. He Was Driving, We Got Into An Accident, And Now I’m Injured. Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

The ultimate responsibility for medical bills falls on the injured party. However, the owner may have medical coverage (PIP) that will pay for your medical bills. You may also be compensated for your medical bills by the at fault driver in an injury settlement.

I Was The Passenger In A Car Accident A Week Ago. I Felt Fine For A Time, But My Neck Has Started To Hurt. What Should I Do?

You should seek treatment immediately. It is common in soft tissue injury cases that pain develops/increases over time.

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